Integrate and Automate transaction approvals across all your wallet providers, vaults and APIs with a Master Control Platform

Securely automate approvals across all your transfer rails. Drive down cost and error, maximise vendor choice and scale your business

Need customised features to meet your specific needs? We'll have your Smart Contract built, audited and deployed to start adding value in no time.

Integrate FlowOS with your hot, cold & exchange wallets and API keys - with one master policy to control them all

Optimise secure workflows for work from home teams across iOS, Android and Desktop

Automate transaction approvals and pre-deal checks without losing control and independence of your keys

Easily add co-signing to third-parties such as administrators

Use our Smart Contract Explorer and Operations Activity Monitor to give your compliance and audit functions the tools they need

Easy integration with just a few lines of code; we'll have you up and running quickly

Trade directly from your internal trading system, hot wallets, or cold storage; with certainty that your assets are secure.

Using FlowOS means your digital assets are covered with industry-leading protections, day and night, optimising your daily operations.

Racing drivers need brakes to drive faster. Digital asset and crypto security should enable you to operate better, not become a hinderance.

FlowOS removes the complexities of cold storage and the vulnerabilities of hot wallets with world-leading Smart Contract technology.

FlowOS won't keep you up at night.

Smart Contracts provide automation, Policy provides protection, all driven by a decentralised network, offering stateless, immutable privacy within a fully auditable, secure environment.

The FlowOS pre-audited Smart Contracts provide you with total security whilst still enabling you to trade effectively without risk of loss, theft or mistake.

Your people, your team

Manage every user on FlowOS with our bespoke user management functionality. From a transaction user, to a policy creation approver, FlowOS user roles enforce what member of your team can perform exactly what function with granular control, right down to specific currencies, amounts, wallets and addresses.


FlowOS integrates directly to your trading system.

Transaction and whitelisting API provides seamless integration and automation to create and constantly sync your trading addresses to our Smart Contract enforcement layer.

Web, iOS & Android

The FlowOS web and mobile interface provides ultimate usability and control.

Using FlowOS web gives you a frontend to view initiated transactions, invite & manage users and create & manage policies all from one platform.

Wallet Integration

We've done the hard work for you.

Integrate to multiple wallets, enabling you to drive them all through one integrated transaction approval platform. We'll work with you to ensure a seamlessly smooth process of adoption.

Why FlowOS?

Learn why we believe FlowOS should play a fundamental role in your crypto and digital asset operational, security and process infrastructure.

Begin your journey to the most secure and scalable digital asset automation

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