Governance and Control — The next frontier in Institutional Crypto?

Crypto capital markets are at an inflection point where new products and services will drive demand for specialised technology solutions.

Early in my career, working at Deutsche Bank in the 1990’s in the foreign exchange and derivative markets, I witnessed first hand the rapid technology-led innovation in electronic trading, prime brokerage (PB), options, and straight-through processing (STP) that transformed the markets.

We grew from electronically traded volumes of zero to nearly $100bn a day in just over a decade and became the market leaders for many years. At the same time, we dramatically increased our range of products, instruments and services. I see many parallels in crypto, and believe we are at a similar inflection point of transformation and growth.

New infrastructure solutions are helping to make things faster, safer, more efficient and transparent and are introducing new instruments, capabilities and protocols. These advances are now attracting top-tier institutional capital, asset managers and service providers. They need secure, fast, low-cost solutions combining the promise of digital assets with well-designed, properly governed operating frameworks.

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