Lacero launches first dedicated governance platform for digital assets with major liquidity provider B2C2

Lacero, a next generation governance technology provider for digital assets, today announced the launch of FlowOS, offering advanced transaction control and permissioning.  FlowOS is now live with major cryptocurrency liquidity provider B2C2.

FlowOS enhances existing wallet and custody solutions, giving users direct, independent control of their policies, procedures and rules.  A radically different solution, it is the first platform to leverage blockchain technology to create a decentralised, immutable security architecture by constructing policy from independently certified smart contracts.

Introducing real-time governance, traceability and auditability, it makes it impossible to substitute, manipulate or circumvent approved policies and procedures, and enables reliable exception-based processing with a combination of programmable rules, automated workflow procedures and human approvals.

B2C2 has selected Lacero for its best-in-class technology for governance, controls and procedures.  B2C2’s integration of FlowOS, in combination with its existing integration of Fireblocks’ cutting-edge payments technology, will further enhance the firm’s settlement capabilities – the largest by some margin in the OTC markets – for the benefit of its clients.

This combination of technology platforms further demonstrates B2C2’s bank-grade security and compliance standards which, twinned with its award-winning technology and the tightest and most consistent pricing, has made it the OTC liquidity provider of choice to the largest institutional names in the industry.

B2C2’s settlement platform, enhanced by the decentralised, auditable solutions offered by Lacero and Fireblocks, is setting a market standard for straight-through-processing that is applicable to both cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets.

Rashid Hoosenally, CEO of Lacero, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with a proven industry leader who shares our vision for institutional-grade governance and controls.  B2C2 strive to continuously optimise processes and tailor workflows, so we’re delighted that FlowOS has been selected to provide them with a secure, flexible enforcement platform that can support them as they grow the scale, speed and breadth of their offering.”

Max Boonen, Founder and Group CEO of B2C2, said: “B2C2’s mission to bring best practices to the trading of digital assets spans both execution and post-trade.  The ability to streamline and automate both trading and settlement is the next frontier in our industry.  Enhancing the B2C2 platform with Lacero’s innovative technology will allow us to better serve our clients and further scale our business as the go-to counterparty.”

Simon Heinrich, CIO and Group Head of Technology at B2C2, said: “Operational excellence and client service are at the heart of what we do at B2C2 as we are relied upon to provide institutional-grade liquidity 24/7.  Given the trustless environment and irreversibility of transactions in the continuously traded and settled crypto markets, FlowOS represents a critical component of our offering as it enables controlled autonomy of our processes in a demonstrably secure way.”


About Lacero

Lacero develops innovative technology for governing and safeguarding digital assets and data.  Its platform is underpinned by blockchain, certified smart contracts and highly secure cryptographic methods.  Based in the UK, Lacero was awarded Best RegTech Policy Platform 2020 in Wealth and Finance International’s FinTech Awards.  For more information on Lacero’s FlowOS platform, please visit

About B2C2

Founded in 2015, B2C2 is the leading cryptocurrency liquidity provider. Awarded Cryptocurrency Innovation of the Year in 2020 by FStech and Best Institutional Crypto Liquidity Provider in 2019 by the readers of Profit & Loss, B2C2 bridges the gap between traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets. The company is trusted by brokerages, exchanges, banks and fund managers to provide 24/7 liquidity. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in London, Jersey City and Tokyo, the firm is privately held. For more information, please visit


Conner Nudd

Head of Product, Lacero


Teresa Chick

PR for B2C2

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