Policy Artefacts

Racing drivers need brakes to drive faster. Digital asset and crypto security should enable you to operate better, not become a hinderance. FlowOS removes the complexities of cold storage and the vulnerabilities of hot wallets with world-leading Smart Contract technology.

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Destination Policy Artefacts


Whitelisting allows users to add and store any number of crypto addresses, making it easier and safer to send crypto to those addresses you know and trust.


Blacklisting allows users to add and store crypto addresses, making it easier and safer to block addresses you explicitly want to ban from sending.

ML Risk Rating

Use Machine Learning to register and monitor for any out of the ordinary trades, learning from your daily usage patterns.

KYT Risk Rating

Use Know Your Transaction oracles to provide risk ratings on the addresses you're sending to, and use the rating to escalate an approval process

Silvergate Exchange Network

Add all policies to your SEN accounts to provide added security to your Fiat transactions.

Limit Policy Artefacts

Transaction Value

Add basic transaction value limits, adding approvals to any transactions over a provided amount.

Time Locks

Initiate a transaction and add a cryptographic delay to the execution of that transaction.


Add restrictions to the amount of crypto that can be sent in a given period. E.g Sam Jones can send 10 BTC over 24 hours.


Add restrictions to who can initiate transactions in a certain location. Or use the policy to set a restriction on who can send to a certain regulated exchange location.

Business Hours

Restrict your transactions to your specific office hours. Any transactions that are initiated outside of these set hours will require approval.

Hold Locks

Use your policy to prevent any spend for a specific amount of time. John Doe's crypto must be held in his wallet for 1 year.

Consensus Approval Artefacts

M of N

Build a hierarchical approval process requiring an unlimited number of M of N approvals

Roles Based

Group your required approvals by user role groups. Instead of explicitly stating who must approve, you categories these use so that 2 of Admin Group must approve.


Enforce an approval sequence so that a process is triggered per user approval


This is important for Risk Rating artefacts or when an escalation procedure is needed. Set a condition so that the higher the transaction risk, more approvals are needed


Set that only 1 user must approve all transactions


Use an MPC Shard to automate your approval consensus


Set an upper limit on all policies for maximum security that all transactions are cryptographically blocked

Geo-Location Approval Lock

Set a policy defining that approvers must be in different geographical locations

Authentication & Audit Artefacts

Input to Execution Match

Cryptographically confirm that the transaction that was executed was exactly the same as the transaction that was initiated

Execution Confirmation

Get cryptographic confirmation that your transaction has been successfully executed

Smart Contract Explorer

FlowOS provides a powerful UI to view and confirm the Smart Contracts that have been generated and track the address

Activity Log

View every operational action that has been performed in FlowOS

Regulatory Artefacts

Hot to Cold Transfer

New rules set a maximum cap on percentage of user funds that can stay in hot exchange wallets. Anything over the threshold of 20% would need to automatically and autonomously move to cold storage for security purposes.

AML/KYC Verification

Cryptographically enforce and monitor your KYC/AML verification process and use the generated Smart Contracts to allow approvals in FlowOS

Disaster Recovery Triggers

Use FlowOS to cryptographically confirm a fallback procedure, whether that be your backup wallets or a recovery of funds